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Updated - 12/11/23

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Maps and up to the minute Stream Flow

Current River Conditions:  91 CFS and clear

Fishing - Fair:   Todd at Creekside Lodge in Markleeville reports that he just received a notice from the Alpine County Fish & Game Commission that they just planted 1200 lbs of fish evenly distributed between the Hwy 4 and Hangman's

Bridges. This is very unusual as this is probably the first time this has been done during the winter season.  Because of cold mornings, fishing  mid day will be best.

Best flies are going to be brightly hued worm patterns, tiny mayfly or midge patterns and brightly hued eggs.  Fish deep holes with a very slow drift.    

Click here to see the CDFW fish planting schedule



Indian Creek Reservor (updated 6/9/23)

The lake has lots of stocked fish in it but unfortunately an algae bloom has begun and can harm humans and animals if ingested.  Be careful if you go.  Suspending attractor nymphs such as Princes, Birdsnests, Rainbow Warriors etc under an indicator will get you fish.  Worms and egg patterns work too. 


Wolf Creek (updated 7/7/23)

Not accessible due to road construction.  Gate is still closed.

Markleeville Creek (updated 11/1/23)

Markleeville Creek hasn't received a stocking since July so there are better places to fish.  Water is quite low and cold this time of the year.  

Blue Lakes (upper and lower)

No recent report  (check CALTRANS for road condition information

Henan Lake (updated 9/5/23)

We had mixed reports from the opening weekend.  A few fishermen did real well and for some it was so so.  All in all enough fish were caught to make it worth the while for those who were there.  We had a report today that one local caught 10 and landed 8 yesterday.  Now is the time to get over there before the nights get real cold and the lake turns over. 

Silver Creek (updated 6/5/23)

Received a plant of 200 lbs. acouple of weeks ago.  Fish were spread out along Hwy 4 

Generally Recommended Patterns
Click here to go to our Fly Catalog

Pheasant Tail #12, #14 & #16, San Juan Worm/passionate pink, Liz's Tequila Twist, Golden Ston Nymph #8,, #10, & #12, Copper John/red or copper #14, #16, Prince Nymph (various sizes), Wooly Bugger/rusty, black, Glow Bug/red.  Vinci's Depth Charge Bird's Nest.  If you see a pod of planters, try dragging a rusty Wooly Bugger with a size #18, Copper John/red tied on as a dropper through the school.  

Scroll down to see Hatch Chart below

              LODGING                 Markleeville, CA



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